Music for short film

Run time: 12 minutes

Written by Christopher Borecky
Directed by Sean Nicholas
Produced by ARTOCEAN Productions


Elise: Jessika McQueen
Gene: Michael Ellero
Director: Sean Nicholas
Screenwriter: Christopher Borecky
Producer: ARTOCEAN Productions (Eden Ocean and Christopher Borecky)
Cinematography: Michael Theriault
Production Design: Shane Vanvelzen

At the laundromat, a young couple argues over the fate of the husband’s ratty but beloved hoodie. The wife wants it gone, but the husband stubbornly defends it. The standoff escalates with the wife storming off. Left behind with the laundry, the husband reminisces through his humorous cherished memories with the hoodie, while the wife recalls the past with it as embarrassing and horrific. With their memories tumbling by, some begin to sway their hearts. In the end, struggling to hold his hoodie over the garbage bin, the husband must decide whether or not it’s finally time to let it go.

OFFA (2021 Official Selection)
Hollywood North Film Awards (Nominated for Best Canadian Student Film 2021)
ROFL Film Festival (2021 Semi-Finalist)
Toronto Lift-Off (2021 Official Selection)
Rabat Comedy International Film Festival (2021 Official Selection)
GELOS Comedy Film Festival (Finalist for Best Student Comedy Short 2021)