Aoife Kavanagh 

Composer and Sound Designer

See the Music

Hear the Dance


September 2019

Music for screendance

Premiered at Trinity College Dublin

2nd September, 2019

Screened at the Wicklow Screendance Festival, Ireland
2nd and 3rd November, 2019

Duration: 12 mins

Produced by Christina Appleby and Aoife Kavanagh 
Filmography: Christina Appleby
Music: Aoife Kavanagh
Choreography: Hannah Bergin and Oran Leong
Musicians: Lucy Deegan, Ailbhe Kehoe, Niamh Kelly,

Ultan O'Brien
Editor: Christina Appleby
Director of Photography: Christina Appleby

Funded by the Trinity College Dublin Visual and Performing Arts Fund 2019

'See the Music, Hear the Dance' is a screendance which explores the relationship between music and dance. How can music inform a dancer? How can physical movement inform a composer? Which comes first in a collaboration and how does this affect the artists' creative process? In 'See the Music, Hear the Dance', four short screendances are presented, each of which responds to these questions in a different way..

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